To eat Sakyamuni, you must first understand her temper

Bought custard apple (Sakya). how to taste

The custard apple, which originated in tropical America, was introduced to Taiwan by the Dutch. Because of its special fruit shape, the young fruit looks like a lychee, also known as custard apple, and because the fruit looks like the head ornament of Shakyamuni Buddha, so , Chinese people are customarily called Sakyamuni. This kind of fruit has a good flavor and high sweetness, about 18 to 25 degrees, which is suitable for the taste of oriental people. However, many consumers are not sure how to eat custard apple, which causes misunderstanding; what should consumers do when they buy it back? What about the fruit?

To eat custard apple, you must first understand her temper

Some consumers bought unripe custard apples, cut them open with a kitchen knife at home, tasted them and said, "How can this be eaten?" The custard apple couldn't be ripened normally, became "dumb" Sakyamuni, and protested to the seller for selling his "bad things" and wanted to return the goods; these are all because of insufficient understanding of the characteristic "temper" of the custard apple fruit, which caused misunderstandings.

Fruit sealed. become "dumb"

The fruit of custard apple has a high respiration rate of tropical fruits. If the unripe fruit is sealed and packaged with PE plastic tape or plastic wrap, it will cause difficulty in respiration of the fruit, resulting in the inability of the fruit to perform post-ripening normally. There is no way to soften it after taking it out of the sealed package, commonly known as "dumb"! Especially in supermarkets, it is necessary to avoid using PE film packaging!

Store hard ripe fruit in the refrigerator. blackened with a cold

Putting the custard apple fruit in the refrigerator before it is soft-ripe is prone to cold damage (commonly known as a cold), which will cause the fruit to turn black, and the soft-ripening effect cannot be carried out smoothly, and it will also cause "dumb custard apples" and lose commodity value.

Let it soften slightly before placing it in the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Can be stored for a few more days

If the custard apple is slightly soft and ripe, put it in the lower layer of the refrigerator (freezer) and keep it at about 15°C, and it can be stored for 7-10 days (4-5 days longer than without the refrigerator). It turns black, but the fruit can still be ripened slowly, so it will be soft and the flavor is good! There is no worry about becoming a "dumb Sakyamuni" anymore!

Overripe fruit. Pick the pulp and freeze

When you buy too soft and ripe fruits in the market or too many custard apple fruits at home, and they are soft and ripe almost at the same time in a short period of time, it is best to peel off the fruits, pick the pulp with a spoon, and place Put the lid in the freezer cup and put it inside the freezer on the upper floor of the refrigerator. Using the relatively stable temperature inside the freezer, it can not only prevent the pulp from browning after a long time, but also keep it frozen for one month. No deterioration! Frozen cherimoya pulp tastes like ice cream, and it's delicious!