Sakyamuni is rich in vitamin C. Nutritionist: Adults recommend 1/3 capsules a day

Pineapple custard is different from the big-eyed custard that is generally bought in China, but it has high nutritional value, regardless of the variety. According to a nutritionist, custard was once selected by the BBC as the second place in the "Top 10 Nutritious Foods in the World", second only to almonds.

Nutritionist Cheng Hanyu posted on the Facebook fan page " Cheng Hanyu Nutritionist " that Sakyamuni can replace high-calorie snacks and satisfy the appetite when you are hungry. Eating after eating heavy-tasting food can help eliminate edema and help high Heart protection for blood pressure groups, maintaining cardiovascular health, rich in carbohydrates, and also suitable for exercise groups to replenish energy. The concentration of vitamin C in the body of smokers is significantly lower than that of non-smokers, and they should also supplement more fruits with high vitamin C.

4 benefits of eating custard

1. Rich in dietary fiber to aid in metabolism: one custard is equal to the amount of dietary fiber in 8 bowls of cabbage, and it is also 1.6 times the amount of banana, which helps the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.

2. High potassium protects the heart and lowers blood pressure: the potassium ion content of Sakyamuni is almost the same as that of bananas, and the content is 2.6 times that of guava (calcium is 2.2 times that of guava).

3. Rich in vitamin C for anti-oxidation: 1g of custard apple pulp contains 1mg of vitamin C, which is 34 times that of apples. Eating 1/3 of custard apples a day can reach the daily recommended amount of vitamin C for adults.

4. High protein provides a sense of satiety: the protein content of Sakyamuni is three times that of guava.

Cheng Hanyu reminded that although eating Sakyamuni has many benefits, its calories should not be underestimated. One Sakyamuni is equivalent to a bowl of rice, and Sakyamuni is a medium-to-high GI fruit. It is recommended to eat it in portions, or share with family and friends. Eat 3/10 at a time The serving size of 1 to 1/2 capsule is more appropriate. At the same time, reduce the consumption of rice and noodles, supplement nutrition without gaining weight. Diabetics and those who control weight should pay attention to the intake. Chronic kidney disease is not recommended to eat.

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