Shakya Nutrition
Seasonal Sakyamuni is among the top three in terms of vitamin C content, which is more than twice that of grapefruit. Because it contains a lot of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and other nutrients, it can effectively replenish physical strength and nutrition. The taste is springy and dense, and the mouth can feel Full of sweet taste.
storage method
After receiving the custard, open the box for inspection immediately, take the custard out of the box, keep it ventilated and place it in a cool place. It cannot be frozen before it is soft cooked. It will be soft cooked for 3~7 days in winter and 1~3 days in summer. After soft cooking, it can be placed in the refrigerator. You can judge whether the custard apple is soft and ripe by pressing from the fruit stem. Press lightly on the fruit stem, and you can taste it when it feels soft to the touch. The loosened custard can be scooped out with a spoon . If the soft and cooked custard can’t be eaten immediately, it is recommended to refrigerate it in the refrigerator, which is cooler and sweeter.
big eye shakyamuni