. Shipping and Refund Policy

  1. Food and ingredients are consumable commodities. Due to the special nature of the product and the shelf life problem, except for the defect of the product itself, it can be returned. Once it is unpacked, eaten, or the outer box is deformed, lost temperature or poorly stored due to deterioration caused by the consumer, we will forgive you. Cannot be returned. Please keep the integrity of the product, packaging, gift, and invoice when returning the product, otherwise unsubscribe will not be accepted.
  2. Because the production process of agricultural products is relatively friendly, it is normal if the appearance is slightly flawed, please feel free to eat.
  3. Please open the box immediately upon arrival for confirmation. If there is any problem, please take a photo and send it to Facebook customer service .
  4. After the product is delivered to your home within 2-7 working days according to the estimated time on the product page, please check the product as soon as possible. If the product itself is missing or damaged during home delivery, please call the customer service hotline within 24 hours ( 089)510-271 Inform the damaged situation, you must keep the complete packaging of the product, and take photos of the missing or damaged products, and no compensation will be accepted for the above-mentioned situations that are overdue or not immediately and properly stored.
  5. If the subscriber wants to cancel / return the amount that has been paid but not shipped in advance, the calculation basis should be calculated based on the original price before the discount, and the discount plan is not applicable.

. Terms of Service

This agreement applies to users of "Taitung Sakyamuni" who conduct online consumption. Consumers should read the following terms and conditions in detail. These terms of agreement are formulated to protect the interests of "Taidong Sakyamuni" and all users who conduct online consumption on "Taidong Sakyamuni" (hereinafter referred to as users). When "Taitung Sakyamuni" conducts online consumption, it is deemed to have known and agreed to all the provisions of this agreement:

1. Personal data security 

  1. In order to complete the transaction, including payment and delivery, all users who conduct online consumption on "Taitung Sakyamuni" must ensure that all retained information is consistent with the facts and ensure that it is correct, up-to-date and complete. If you provide any wrong or untrue information, "Taidong Sakyamuni" has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or part of this service.
  2. In addition to adopting a safe transaction mode, "Taitung Sakyamuni" promises to keep the information kept by the user confidential, and will not disclose or provide it to suppliers or partners of related goods or services except for completing the transaction. to the third person. For the management, use and preservation of personal data registered or retained by consumers, please read the company's personal privacy protection statement.
  3. Under the following circumstances, "Taidong Sakyamuni" has the right to view or provide the user's personal information to the competent authority, or a third party who claims that its rights have been damaged and provides appropriate proof:

※According to the provisions of laws and regulations, or according to the orders of judicial organs or other competent organs;

※In order to implement the terms of this agreement, or the user violates the agreement;

※In order to maintain the normal operation and safety of the "Taitung Sakya" system;

※To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users of "Taidong Sakyamuni" or other third parties;

  1. Users should keep their personal information, payment information (including credit card information) and member passwords in a safe place to avoid leakage. All acts of using its account number and password to enter the system are deemed to be the actions of the account and password holder.

2. Online consumption

  1. Once the user makes online consumption on "Taitung Sakyamuni", it means that he is willing to purchase the product or service and is willing to abide by the transaction rules.
  2. If the user information ( such as address, phone number ) changes, it should immediately go online to correct the information it retains, and it is not allowed to deny its order or refuse to pay on the grounds that the information does not match.
  3. "Taitung Sakyamuni" also reserves the right to accept your order or not. If the product ordered by the consumer cannot be delivered after two deliveries, and if the company cannot be contacted by phone or E-mail for more than two days, the company will cancel the order, and the refund amount will be the amount of the goods minus the two shipping costs and Refund Processing Fee.
  4. For all online purchases made on "Taidong Sakyamuni", users should agree to use the electronic transaction data recorded in "Taidong Sakyamuni" as the standard. If the user finds that the transaction information is incorrect, he should immediately notify the administrator of the "Taitung Sakyamuni" e-commerce website.
  5. This website may contain many links, and you may be linked to websites operated by other operators, but this does not mean that "Taidong Sakyamuni" has any relationship with the operators. Websites operated by other operators are under the responsibility of each operator, and are not within the control and responsibility of " Taitung Sakyamuni ". "Taitung Sakyamuni" does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, timeliness, validity, correctness and completeness of the search results. You may retrieve some websites that you don't like or don't need. This is a possible result of computer operation. When encountering such a situation, "Taidong Sakyamuni" recommends that you do not browse or leave such websites as soon as possible. .

3. System security

  1. This system does not guarantee that the data uploaded by the user will be displayed normally, nor does it guarantee the correctness of data transmission; if the user finds any errors or omissions in the system, please notify the administrator of the " Taitung Sakyamuni " e-commerce website immediately.
  2. The system will back up data regularly, but unless the system has intentional or gross negligence, the user should agree that the system will not be responsible for data deleted by mistake or failed to backup and store.

4. Disclaimer

Whether to download or obtain any material through the use of the service shall be at your own discretion and risk, and you shall be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any material.

5. Website service suspension or termination

In any of the following situations, we may suspend, change, interrupt or terminate all or part of the services on this website without notifying consumers:

  1. Relocation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of software and hardware equipment related to this website.
  2. You have violated government laws and regulations, we have subjectively judged that you have maliciously returned or exchanged goods, the frequency of canceling orders is too high, or any behavior that we think is inappropriate and caused trouble or damage to our operations.
  3. Natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
  4. When the information is displayed incorrectly, forged, tampered with, deleted, retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot function normally due to reasons beyond our control.
  5. Other reasons not attributable to the company.
  6. If you suffer damage due to reasons attributable to us, except for gross negligence, the amount of compensation we will compensate you for your damages shall be limited to the amount of your losses caused by errors in account entry or deduction due to service interruption.

6. Modification of agreed terms

  1. In addition to these terms of use, users should also abide by other relevant measures and instructions formulated by "Taitung Sakyamuni" for online consumption or transactions.
  2. "Taitung Sakyamuni" reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time. The revised terms of use will be published on this website without separate notification to users. Users should agree to abide by the revised agreed terms.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

  1. Users should agree that the terms of this agreement and all online consumption or transactions conducted on "Taitung Sakyamuni" are governed by the laws of the Republic of China.
  2. For disputes arising from the terms of this agreement, the Taiwan Taitung District Court or the Taitung Summary Court shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.