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Sakyamuni is rich in vitamin C. Nutritionist: Adults recommend 1/3 capsules a day

Pineapple custard is different from the big-eyed custard that is generally bought in China, but it has high nutritional value, regardless of the variety. According to a nutritionist, custard was once selected by the BBC as the second place in the "Top 10 Nutritious Foods in the World", second only to almonds. Nutritionist Cheng Hanyu posted on the Facebook fan page " Cheng Hanyu Nutritionist " that Sakyamuni can replace high-calorie snacks and satisfy the appetite when you are hungry. Eating after eating heavy-tasting food can help eliminate edema and help high Heart protection for blood pressure groups, maintaining cardiovascular health, rich in carbohydrates, and also suitable for exercise groups to replenish energy. The concentration of vitamin C in the...

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To eat Sakyamuni, you must first understand her temper

Bought custard apple (Sakya). how to taste The custard apple, which originated in tropical America, was introduced to Taiwan by the Dutch. Because of its special fruit shape, the young fruit looks like a lychee, also known as custard apple, and because the fruit looks like the head ornament of Shakyamuni Buddha, so , Chinese people are customarily called Sakyamuni. This kind of fruit has a good flavor and high sweetness, about 18 to 25 degrees, which is suitable for the taste of oriental people. However, many consumers are not sure how to eat custard apple, which causes misunderstanding; what should consumers do when they buy it back? What about the fruit? To eat custard apple, you must first understand...

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The list of 2019 production and sales resume masters and outstanding contribution awards was released

The "Production and Sales Experience Master and Outstanding Contribution Award" organized by the Council of Agriculture, through the rigorous evaluation of qualification examination, primary selection and re-selection by representatives of various industry agencies, experts and scholars, 11 agricultural and food industry professionals and 2 aquatic industry professionals were selected A total of 15 outstanding elites were elected as this year's production and sales resume experts; at the same time, 5 outstanding contribution winners in the promotion of production and sales resumes were selected. The Council of Agriculture pointed out that the core values of production and sales resumes include strict compliance with production specifications, third-party verification, and information disclosure. Among the selected masters this year, many new products and new...

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