The list of 2019 production and sales resume masters and outstanding contribution awards was released

The "Production and Sales Experience Master and Outstanding Contribution Award" organized by the Council of Agriculture, through the rigorous evaluation of qualification examination, primary selection and re-selection by representatives of various industry agencies, experts and scholars, 11 agricultural and food industry professionals and 2 aquatic industry professionals were selected A total of 15 outstanding elites were elected as this year's production and sales resume experts; at the same time, 5 outstanding contribution winners in the promotion of production and sales resumes were selected.

The Council of Agriculture pointed out that the core values of production and sales resumes include strict compliance with production specifications, third-party verification, and information disclosure. Among the selected masters this year, many new products and new types of industries have emerged. Xie Yuzi from Linluo, Pingtung , using no medicine and intelligent technology breeding methods to create an export market for edible soft-shelled turtles; Chiayi Zhuqi Shen Shizheng created his own brand and developed a variety of avocado products, expanding his customer base to the catering market; Yunlin Huwei Zhou Zhaoyang produced by recycling agricultural waste Mushrooms; Pingtung Chaozhou Ye Jinying, the highest age of this year's masters is 80 years old, exerting the spirit of retirement, combining green energy power generation to grow golden fruit, durian honey and mango.

In recent years, the Council of Agriculture has expanded and promoted the production and sales history system, and many agricultural operators have invested in it to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Director-General Huang Yuhui of the Yunlin Huwei Farmers Association has established a peanut group production model, and is the first to promote the production and sales history of the entire Taiwan peanut dumpling; Taichung Daan champion taro Nong Huang Zhiqing led the production and sales team to cooperate with the farmers association to launch the production and sales history Taro Sauce; Taichung Wuqi Huang Rongyu introduced the first air-cooled smart electric slaughtering equipment in Taiwan, from production to processing and cutting. The operation is consistent, and the channel is expanded to stores and chain restaurants The group; Chiayi Puzi Yang Jiaxie sells warm-bodied cattle and crosses into the catering industry; Wang Renzhu, who produces alpine chrysanthemum and tea at Wuling Farm, creates a six-level industry. The above-mentioned talents create new value for production and sales history products.

The Council of Agriculture pointed out that many of the experts selected this time are from the Mesozoic generation of agriculture. They have established production records, used high-efficiency technology, and provided consumers with safe agricultural products. They include Zhang Jianyufeng, who grows big-eyed custard in Taimali, Taitung, and Madou Wendan, a farmer in Tainan. Guo Qiubao, He Qiuyuan who created his own papaya brand in Zhongpu, Chiayi, Liu Huangqin, a three-star green onion farmer in Yilan, Xiao Wenlong, who produces tea and sulfur-free lily needles in Fuli, Hualien, and Tang Xinyuan, who farms milkfish and white shrimp ecologically in Dongshi, Chiayi.

This year’s Outstanding Contribution Award winners, the Council of Agriculture pointed out that there are 5 winners from the public sector, farmers’ associations, and non-governmental organizations and industries, including Zhang Suhua, the director-general of the Hualien Fuli Rice Group, who actively promoted the verification of Hualien Fuli’s production and sales history, and Mino Baiyu Radish. , Director-General Zhong Qinghui who guided the transformation of tobacco farmers and promoted a number of fruits and vegetables to obtain production and sales experience verification; Assistant Researcher Cai Benyuan who assisted in compiling Taiwan's good agricultural standards for agricultural and food products and guided many units to join the ranks of production and sales records; Secretary-General Zhang Huanyun who established the AMOT traceability restaurant information platform , and general manager Lin Liangtian, who drove the domestic innovative rice food movement, launched three treasures of rice food - production and sales history rice bowl cake, radish cake and taro cake, and expanded the channel to chain breakfast shops to enhance the new value of traditional food.


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